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At DNL Klos we love creating partnerships and working alongside London architects to help bring their projects to life. We have developed a solid reputation amongst London architects for being top builders in Woodford, Hackney and across the London area including Wimbledon, that pull off high-quality builds to match their architectural vision.

When you want to make home improvements, one of the key initial decisions is whether or not you should use an architect. Whilst some people successfully undertake house refurbishment and home extensions without an architect, others like the comfort of having a professional on site to oversee even smaller jobs such as bathroom renovation.

DNL Klos’s experience has shown us that some people find architects to be very helpful in managing the building process, as they have invaluable knowledge of subjects such as planning permission. The architects that DNL Klos partner with pride themselves on seeing the “big picture” and provide helpful insight on matters such as how to use a space, or how to make the most of a room’s lighting. Having worked on multiple projects with architects, we can say that they can help to bring an added dimension to a project and as such value our partnerships with London architects.

We enjoy working with architects in London, because we know that we can trust them to bring vision and expertise to every project. Our work at DNL Klos strives to partner with architects to bring amazing spaces to life. We combine our in-depth expertise on building, renovation and refurbishment projects with the skills of our architect partnerships, strengthening our reputation as one of the leading building companies in Woodford, Hackney and across London.

Are you an architect in London? Are you looking for your next London-based building company to partner with? DNL Klos are one of the leading building companies in London, keen to work with talented and driven architects on renovation, refurbishment, extension and loft conversion projects based in Wimbledon to give homes a new lease of life.

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