The Upcoming London Festival of Architecture 2018

london festival of architecture

It is just under a month until the London Festival of Architecture kicks off, and The Architects’ Journal have put together a fantastic list of highlights that you can expect to see if you get the chance to check it out.

The list is made up of the programme that will be running throughout the Festival, and some of these highlights include:

  • Dulwich Pavilion Exhibition
  • St Paul’s Gateway
  • City Benches
  • Amanda Levete Lecture
  • The Treehouse at Battersea Power Station
  • LFA Open Studios
  • Émigré architects
  • LFA Symposium – Does Identity Matter?
  • The Ombra Altana
  • The Bird Hide

The Festival hosts events across the whole of London, and runs between 1st and 30th June. Make sure to head down if you’re keen to enjoy some of London’s finest architectural inspiration.

To read more about these highlights, head to the original article here. Or to find out more about the London Festival of Architecture, head to their website.

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