The benefits of home refurbishments: 4 reasons to do up your home

Home refurbishments is one of the most commonly requested services that DNL Klos offer to our clients both in East London and further afield.


As a construction company made up of a team of experienced builders, architects, engineers and painters and decorators (to name a few) we know that there’s a lot to consider when it comes to home refurbishments, and we understand that thinking about everything that comes with it can seem overwhelming. We pride ourselves on relieving our clients of this stress, and in this article we hope to provide more reassurance that home refurbishments come with many advantages.

For many people, their home is the centre of their existence. It’s where your loved ones are, it’s the haven you go to at the end of a long day, it’s where you make some of your most special memories. Sometimes though, it’s possible to grow tired of your home – perhaps it’s growing tired around you! But before you up sticks and move altogether, have a think about how you can use what you’ve got and give your home a new lease of life.




New-build limitations

Building a home from scratch is the ultimate dream in terms of designing a place to live that is totally unique to your tastes, but sometimes this isn’t totally feasible as council restrictions can be just that, restrictive. For instance, there can be limitations to the size of the structure you’re permitted to build and getting planning permission can prove to be a nightmare. To complete your new-build you may have to provide lots of paperwork to demonstrate that your project exists within their limitations which include floor space, parking facilities and building height.

By making improvements to the home you currently live in, you can avoid these restrictions and will get far more free reign on any changes that you want to make on your property. For many home improvement projects this would also mean avoiding having to deal with the council, as you may not want to make large structural changes requiring planning permission.


Reduce your energy costs

Another huge advantage of completing home improvement projects is that you can significantly reduce energy and utility costs by making your home more energy efficient. When refreshing or updating your property, you can make sure that the most energy efficient materials are being used, such as proper insulation and window replacements. When it comes to replacing doors and windows, these materials can offer the added benefit of better security too.

Completing a home refurbishment project means you’ll have a dedicated contractor who can advise you on the appliances and materials that make the most difference to your energy efficiency as well as your security. So not only will you be doing yourself a favour by reducing your energy bills and making your home more secure, but you’ll also be reducing the impact that your home has on the environment – what’s not to like!


Make your home your own

Even if you’ve lived in your current home for a long time, you may not have ever taken the time to customise it to your personal taste. That’s probably the most obvious advantage that comes with a home refurbishment service is that you can be free to make whatever changes you would like.

Smaller home improvement projects might include simply re-painting a room, or putting up some new wallpaper. Hiring painters and decorators to come and refresh your home is a simple improvement you can make and causes minimal disruption whilst making a potentially massive improvement on your home. Perhaps your bathroom needs retiling or your bathroom appliances need refitting. These are other examples of simple changes that you can make to your home that can really refresh it and help you get more satisfaction from it.

Larger projects like adding extensions or having a loft conversion or basement added to your project can really add another dimension to your home. Adding space in this way can make a home feel entirely new, so even if you had thought about moving out, you get the best of both worlds in a familiar space with a new addition.




Add value to your property

Finally, and perhaps the most appealing benefit of home refurbishments is that you can add serious value to your property. By extending, adding a loft conversion, or by adding a basement, the appeal of your home can really increase and the extra space will add on both aesthetic and financial value. Loft conversions and basements are two of the most popular home improvement projects that the DNL Klos team complete, and we’ve seen many properties transformed with the addition of an extra room.

Similarly, doing up your home with a simple lick of paint or new lighting can make all the difference to a tired looking home. Hiring an expert means you’ll have access to advice and guidance as to how you can make little changes here and there that can work wonders on what you’ve got.


Deciding whether to complete home improvement project shouldn’t need to be a headache, and should instead be considered an exciting opportunity to customise your home and really put your stamp on it. The benefits are many, not least that you can reduce utility expenses whilst simultaneously adding value! There are also lots of simple ways that you can refresh your property, meaning that the process can be effective whilst remaining inexpensive.


Speak to a member of our team today and we can offer you some expert advice on how to make the most out of your home with our home refurbishment service. Give us a call, we’d love to chat!


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