Home Improvement inspiration: 5 must-follow Instagram accounts

For all homeowners, whether you’re property is in Central London, Hampstead or Hackney, if you’re thinking about making home improvements like a loft conversion or basement construction, you’re going to need some inspiration.

Sunday mornings spent with a coffee and a pastry, leafing through interior design and home improvement magazines are a treat (for some). Since the arrival of Instagram, however, you no longer need to go out and spend extortionate sums of money on weighty coffee table decoration, in order to get a broad range of inspiration for your home refurbishment project!
To give you some inspiration for your next home improvement project, we’ve put together a list of 5 Instagram accounts for you to browse.

1 – Michaela – The Old Piggery

Based in Surrey, Michaela owns this property that used to be a piggery (hence the name). Built in the forties, it definitely needed some TLC and Michaela has delivered this in spades. If you enjoy a mixture of classic and quirky, this account is the one for you. Featuring a bathroom with a copper bath tub, and a kitchen with marble work surfaces, The Old Piggery combines style and substance.

2 – Suszi Saunders – Suszi_Saunders

Suszi’s London property was featured in the September issue of Living Etc., and with good reason. She has a self-professed “thing for dark interiors” but that doesn’t make her home any less inviting. Filled with bold patterns paired with vibrant succulents, Suszi’s family home is a great example of how to incorporate fabulous interior design into a home filled with people.

3 – Katie Woods – Come Down To The Woods

If you’re a fan of bright, happy colours you’re going to love this one. Winner of ‘Most Inspiring Social channel’ UK Interior Awards 2018, Katie’s property combines pattern, colour and light to make an interior designer’s dream. The account is full of vibrant colours, perfect for providing that much-needed motivation for homeowners wishing to refresh their property. The account also features Katie’s dog – what’s not to like?

4 – Becca W – Becca In Bath

Another fan of darker interiors, Becca has created a stylish interior theme to her property in Bath. She brings a touch of Scandinavian minimalism and put’s it classic features that make you want to move in. Her home looks comfortable at the same time as being an interior design inspiration. Simple yet elegant, IKEA better watch out – or maybe they should just take some inspiration from Becca!

5 – BUKKY – Lexden Home

The owner of this Victorian property has done wonders to its interior when she purchased it after it stood vacant for almost forty years. If you’re a lover of luxury, this account will give you all the inspiration you need to start your next home improvement project. A home filled with funky patterns and wide glass windows, you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for stylish home interior inspiration.
As a construction company, we love a good home improvement project at DNL Klos. But just as much as we love helping our clients refurbish, add extensions, put in new basements or add loft conversions, we also love looking for inspiration to share. These Instagram accounts definitely haven’t failed to get the ball rolling, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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