Half-price housing project submitted by Archio in Lewisham

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A housing plan has been put forward in Lewisham, to create a set of half-price houses to go in place of a set of garages. The plan has been put to Lewisham Council by London-based architects Archio, who have delivered a set of designs for the housing project that if given go-ahead, will be built in Sydenham.

As a construction company based in East London, any news that DNL Klos hear going on in our neck of the woods is exciting to us, and definitely worth sharing with our readers. This particular project is newsworthy as it relates strongly that the work we do with London Architects to build and improve homes in East and South East London.

The homes will be priced at half the value of usual housing prices for the surrounding South East London area. The aim is to raise awareness about turning forgotten and disused sites such as empty garages, into affordable housing. There are plenty of areas and opportunities for projects like this around London, and Archio have created the initiative to promote this.

Find out more about this project submitted by Archio to the Lewisham Council here. If you would like to know more about DNL Klos’ work with new-build projects and home improvement services, head to our services page.


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