Lofty spaces: a guide to completing the ultimate loft conversion project

loft conversions against blue sky

As the summer holidays come to an end and the kids go back to school, taking on a project like a loft conversion can be a good idea to fill up that spare time.


For many home owners, loft conversions seem like the sort of project that causes more trouble than its worth. As a construction company offering loft conversion services, DNL Klos don’t need to shout too loudly about why we don’t believe this, but in seriousness there are clear benefits to expanding your home upwards.


If you’re thinking about adding some space to the top floor of your home and think that a loft conversion could be the way forward, keep reading because we’ve put together four tips on how you you can make the most of your loft space.


1. Start at the end

It sounds backwards, but before you start your loft conversion you need to think about how you want it to look at the end. For our architects and engineers to design you a space that you’ll be able to really enjoy, you need to help them understand what you want to get out of this additional space. Will it be used as a bedroom? Do you need a bathroom up there too? This dreaming and creating stage can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re working with great architects and engineers to help you visualise your final project.


2. Consider access

A slightly obvious thing to think about but how you get up to your loft will matter. What goes up must come down so you’re going to need to think about spacing and whether stairs or a ladder are going to work better for you. This isn’t like going up into the loft to grab the old family scrapbook or ancient Christmas decorations, and you don’t want to be teetering on ladder rungs each time you want to go up there. Make sure you and all other occupants can get up and down to enjoy your loft conversion easily and safely.


3. Lighten up

As with any other room in the house, light is something you need to think about when designing a space and that goes for electrics and decoration too. Whether you love the outdoors and want to have loads of skylights to fill your loft conversion with natural light, or you want to create the ultimate den for watching movies, our electrical services team work closely alongside our engineers and architects on all loft conversion projects to ensure that you get the result you dreamed of. Using neutral, lighter colour palettes can add the illusion of space to an otherwise smaller room. Our painters and decorators have years of experience working with loft conversions so they understand how to achieve this and can offer expert advice.


4. Pick your provider carefully

Once you’ve decided to take on a loft conversion project for your home, choosing the company to help you do it is the next step. But this can be trickier than you may think with many cowboy builders masquerading as experts. You can use review websites and company testimonials to give you an idea of an “expert’s” reputation. To blow our own trumpet a bit, DNL Klos have a strong track record of constructing successful loft conversions and all of our clients from Woodford to Wimbledon have given us high praise for our professional and high-quality work.


If you want to read more about loft conversions, you can check out our projects page to see some of our work. Alternatively, our Construction Insights page has some more articles on home improvement projects.

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