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drone with a camera

The use of technology in the construction industry is one that DNL Klos are very familiar with, working with architects and engineers to create visual representations of what a project will look like is something that every project involves. But when it comes to technological advances, we haven’t quite caught up with some construction companies who have begun to employ drones on site. This week, our Construction Post will be looking into the use of drones on construction sites, and how the tools are reshaping the way that construction projects are carried out.


We’ve seen 3D printers constructing buildings and robots building houses, but taking things one step further is a construction company in the US who have begun to use drones as one of the tools in their not-so-old-school tool box. As drone technology advances ever faster, all types of industries are beginning to embrace the smart machines to carry out work that humans can’t and to improve the quality of work being completed. Drones can carry cameras which construction engineers and architects can use to photograph building sites and construction progress, allowing experts to visualise timelines and keep track of project progress.


According to research conducted in the US, the use of drones in the construction industry has seen a 239% increase in the past two years. Experts have been praising their utility for taking aerial photographs of building sites and are saying that the technology is a welcome advancement to the types of technology used by the construction industry.


Although it may sound like these drones are an expensive piece of specialised technology that only the enormous construction corporations can be using at these early stages, think again. The majority of drones used on construction sites at the moment are in fact “off the shelf” drones that you can purchase online. Whilst it is possible for the drones to then be modified and have specialised equipment mounted onto them, the use of drones for aerial photography only requires the drone and a digital camera. A simple combination with seemingly incredible effective outcomes.


Perhaps not in the way that George Orwell envisioned, but drones and drone technology are beginning to take over the world as more and more industries are finding ways to put their agility and dexterity to use. It could be something for your construction company to consider if aerial photography is an integral part of the work that you do, as for the team at DNL Klos, I think a little more research is required with our architect partners…


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