Digital training for construction workers: a report from Construction News

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A survey conducted by Construction News in association with Microsoft has revealed the increasing popularity of digital technology in the construction industry.


Technology is a part of everyday life, at home, at work and wherever you go nowadays you will be reliant on some form of digital assistance. From phones and laptops to clocks and train departure boards, everything is powered by technology, but there are some areas that have yet to fully embrace it. One of those areas in particular is construction, which given its manual nature may make sense, but that shouldn’t mean that construction companies should ignore the upward trend of digital technology use in other industries. It’s time to look to the future and consider how best to take advantage of this powerful tool, and this report from Construction News shows this.




If you wish to read the whole report, you can find the article here. Included in the data is analysis on:

  • How technology can be used to promote and improve remote working

  • How a company’s technological infrastructure can influence hiring and retaining talent

  • Training staff to use specialised digital technology

  • Technology’s influence on company culture

  • What is getting in the way of a wide-scale use of technology in the construction industry


Technology has already changed the world as we knew it to be 20 years ago, and that change is only set to increase. But whilst change may not always be straightforward and comfortable, that’s not to say that it can’t improve the way we do things.

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