Clerkenwell designers make use of small space in Hackney


As a Hackney-based construction and renovations company we love it when our neighbourhood features in design news! This article is praising brilliant design by Liddicoat & Goldhill who have succeeded in showing all designers how it’s done when it comes to making the most out of a small space.

The husband-and-wife duo from Clerkenwell cleverly made use of the small space and dodged all the restrictions that were in place by using computer technology to analyse the times throughout the day that light flooded the space and at which angles. Thus they were able to capture the largest amount of natural light, and incorporated this goal into their designs by ensuring that skylights and floor-ceiling glass windows and walls allowed the interior to lend a sense of space to its inhibitors.

The neighbourhood exists in an area of conservation and is surrounded by protected buildings, meaning that Liddicoat & Goldhill had their work cut out from the start, and had to inventively create a plan that would play by the rules but also lead to the production of a practical and liveable space – we definitely think they’ve achieved this!

Head to the original article here to check out the brilliant photography of the interiors of this Hackney home. To check out some of our own renovation work based in Hackney, head to our projects page.

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