Basement construction: some ideas and inspiration

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Basement construction is a great strategy for adding new space to your property, particularly in Central London, and is one of the most requested services offered by DNL Klos team of experts.

Homeowners often look for projects that can refresh their properties, giving a new lease of life to a place that may have become tired or in need of some TLC. Adding a basement to your property is one such project that has multiple benefits, not only because it creates new space but also because it can add major value to the home.

Despite the obvious benefits, deciding to approach a basement construction company is a step that can require some inspiration and guidance. As with any home improvement project, the possibilities are pretty much endless and with the right team and set of expertise on hand, you can watch your vision come to life. To help you decide on what your vision actually, is we’ve put together a selection of basement construction ideas.

Home gyms & swimming pools

Central London properties are often being upgraded to include facilities like gyms and swimming pools, and it’s easy to see why. By adding the underground space to fit a gym or swimming pool, not only are you creating an opportunity to get fit in the comfort of your own home but you also add serious value to your property. Having a home gym and/or swimming pool is a luxury that few people would pass up, so it’s definitely worth considering this as an option for your basement construction project.

Basement cinema

Home cinemas are a childhood dream for lots of people, but as a grown up homeowner you have the power to actually make that dream come true. Imagine watching your favourite rom com or blockbuster action movie on a cinema-sized screen, but not having to leave your home to enjoy that. Sound fun? It’s a simple idea, but one that can bring hours of entertainment. You’ll save loads on popcorn too…


Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make more money out of your property by renting out a room or putting one on Air BnB. By building a basement annexe, you can do this without having to share the rest of your home with your guests. With the right planning, you can fit in an entire apartment annexe in your basement including a bedroom and en suite with a small kitchenette and living space for example.

Working alongside architects and engineers will enable you to really make the most of your basement construction project. At DNL Klos we offer a service that comes with your own team of basement construction experts including contractors, architects, engineers and builders. The whole team are there to work closely with you to help you bring your vision to life.

So there are some ideas of what you could do with your basement once you’ve got it, but what about the other benefits of basement construction projects?

As we’ve mentioned before, and in a previous article, basement construction projects add value to properties. Creating that extra bit of space increases the square-footage of your property, thereby allowing homeowners to raise the price tag that comes with the building should they eventually sell it on. This is a concept that we know and understand well as a property development company working in Central London.



When done well, home improvement and extension projects add value to properties but can sometimes jar with the overall look of a building. However, the added benefit of underground extensions is that they are hidden from view from the exterior of a property, allowing basements to offer a more natural extension to your home. Above-ground extensions such as loft conversions are more obvious, but basements are a subtle way of adding space without compromising the facade of your home, or its exterior aesthetic.

DNL Klos have a strong reputation and a great track record with home refurbishment projects, especially basement construction in Central London. We offer a fully rounded service and are known for completing projects to the highest standard and with the utmost professionalism, creating minimal disruption whilst we work. Speak to a member of our construction team today and we can set up a meeting with an engineer and architect to discuss your plan.

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