The future is in Milan: A robot has 3D printed a house…

As a construction company, DNL Klos love learning about the weird and wonderful projects that happen all over the world. Especially when the write-ups have a title as attention-grabbing as this!


This building was constructed in Milan and was on show for the Milan Design Week in April of this year. From the outside it might look like a pretty ordinary concrete structure, with not that many interesting design features to shout about right? Wrong! In actual fact, this building was 3D-printed by a robot, and forms a fully functioning home including a kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.


Even if the fact that this was 3D printed by a robot doesn’t impress you, then the benefits of this method of construction might. According to Arup, the construction company behind the masterpiece, 3D printing reduces waste production during the building process. This gives 3D printing an edge over other construction techniques that could shake up the future of how we build.


It isn’t the first project of its kind, as the last ten years have seen a huge increase in the number of projects being designed and planned by architects and designers in order to be completed using 3D printing. A few structures have begun to pop up around the world, but this one is of particular interest to designers and builders as they hope to study its foundations and structure in order to understand how they can begin to take advantage of this technique to build longer-lasting buildings.


It’s a little more futuristic than the refurbishment or renovation projects that we complete at DNL Klos, but we still think it’s amazing to see how techniques are developing. To learn more, head to the original article about this project here. Or if you would like to speak to a construction expert about a project that you have in mind, contact us today.



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