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DNL Klos have a fantastic reputation as the builders in Woodford, London who complete top quality builds in a professional and timely fashion. Our building projects extend across London, and we revel in the opportunity to show our clients that refurbishment or renovation projects do not have to be a stressful time!

Our team works hard to make sure they provide the best customer service to all of our clients in Woodford and beyond. They ensure that everyone involved has a smooth project experience and receives great results. We hope our good work ethic, high standard finishes and skill at meeting deadlines helps to boost the reputation of all builders in Woodford.


The handiwork of our fantastic team cover a vast array of building skills and services including loft conversions, refurbishments, and kitchen & bathroom renovations, as well as electrical, plumbing and painting services.

As a construction company, we are constantly striving to maintain our reputation as great builders in Woodford, London. Perhaps your house is our next project? Give us a call on 020 7686 3501 or contact us to see how we can assist you with any renovation, refurbishment or building projects you may have.

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