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DNL Klos are pleased to announce that we have expanded the areas to which our construction services reach. The home improvement and property development services that DNL Klos offer to our clients in the South Kensington area of London include loft conversions, basement construction, extensions and new build projects.

The DNL Klos team offer a rounded service that enables total home refurbishment. From the bottom of the house in the form of basement construction, right up to the top with a loft conversion, our team of expert contractors, architects and engineers can help give your South Kensington property a new lease of life. The DNL Klos team are known for our excellent work ethic, high quality finishes and ability to meet deadlines, which we hope helps to give all builders in Central London a good name.

The DNL Klos team offer a range of construction and home refurbishment services, with our smaller projects including:

The larger project services that our qualified team of construction experts offer to our clients in St James’s include:

Perhaps building an entirely new, standalone building is a little out of reach but you’re still looking to create more space in your home. Our home extension services have been requested by lots of clients over the years and our team of construction experts have completed projects ranging from kitchen extensions, to sun rooms and conservatories. Home extensions are a great way of renewing the love you have for your home by creating extra space and a refreshed feel.

We also offer loft conversion services and are specialists in adding that extra dimension to homes. Our loft conversion architects have years of experience in creating space that brings a new lease of life to your property, and this is why we’re well known for being the loft conversion company that delivers the highest quality projects, time and time again.

Just like a loft conversion or home extension, basement construction services that the DNL Klos team offer is a fantastic way of refreshing your property. We have a highly experienced group of basement construction contractors, engineers and architects who are all specialists in their fields and who have completed amazing projects at a number of locations across London, including St James’s. We make sure that everything is in order, including planning permission, blueprints, architectural designs and construction.

If you have the luxury of a bit of space in Central London and you want some inspiration of what to do with it, why not consider building a new build project? The scope to create extra space for a home office, gym, or mini apartment or annexe that you can then rent out is pretty much limitless. We offer a rounded service that begins with meeting with you to discuss your vision and then bringing in the experts to create architects drawings and blueprints. We aim to make the whole process from initial design to project completion as fuss free as possible so that we get on with the construction and you can get on with your life.

Head to our services page for more details on the work that we carry out across the rest of London. Similarly if you would like to view  some of the projects that we have completed over the years, check out our recent projects page.

We like to show clients that home refurbishment projects do not have to be stressful for them and can do amazing things to refresh their home! From the start of a project right through to its completion, we strive to provide the best customer service so that all of our clients in our London and St James’s building projects have a good experience of our work that then gives them great results.

DNL Klos are your go to builders in South Kensington and we have completed a number of hugely successful home improvement projects, so why not give us a call to see how we can bring your vision to life.

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