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Working with homeowners in the Belgravia area, DNL Klos are a home improvement and property development construction company offering extensive home refurbishment services.

Homeowners looking for construction companies in Belgravia come to DNL Klos with a variety of requirements. Spanning entire properties, DNL Klos’ range of services help homeowners make the most of their properties. Belgravia properties offer immense potential, particularly for basement construction and loft conversion projects. These are the services that the team of builders at DNL Klos have vast experience in, making these types of home refurbishment project the one we complete most often so you can rest assured that your project is in safe, expert hands.

Our larger project services for home refurbishment and renovation include:

Home Refurbishment Services, Belgravia

All of our home refurbishment services are delivered by fully qualified and experienced members of the DNL Klos team. Throughout your home improvement project you will have access to industry experts including architects, construction experts, builders, contractors and engineers who will be able to provide you with any advice or guidance that you request.

Home Extension Services, Belgravia

Home extensions are another great way of adding space to your property, especially if you’re looking to change things up but don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving. Our home extensions team of specialists work with you to understand what you want to get out of your home, and combine your vision with their home extension expertise. By collaborating with specialist extension architects, your home extension is guaranteed to not only be built to a structurally sound standard but also in a way that will make you wish you’d come to us sooner. Whether you’re looking to extend your kitchen or add more space onto the front of your property, we can work with you to bring your project to life.

New Build Services, Belgravia

We’re also known for being one of the top new build construction companies in London, with our team of new build contractors, architects and engineers working together to provide the best new build services possible. The construction process involved in new build projects isn’t stressful when the DNL Klos construction team are involved, we’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Basement Construction Services, Belgravia

The basement construction services that the DNL Klos team offer is a fantastic way of refreshing your property. We have a highly experienced group of basement construction contractors, engineers and architects who are all specialists in their fields and who have completed amazing projects at a number of locations across London, including Belgravia. We make sure that everything is in order, including planning permission, blueprints, architectural designs and construction. Belgravia properties offer great structural potential for basement construction, allowing you to get even more out of your home by adding facilities like home gyms or home cinemas.

Loft Conversion Services, Belgravia

DNL Klos also offer loft conversion services to our clients across London including in the Belgravia area, and are specialists in adding that extra dimension to homes.We often find that clients come to us requesting our loft conversion services if they don’t have space to add an extension. Our loft conversion architects have years of experience in creating space that brings a new lease of life to your property, and this is why we’re well known for being the loft conversion company that delivers the highest quality projects, time and time again.

As a construction company, we offer home improvement services that require larger scale operations like the above, but we also offer services for smaller projects. These include:

Kitchen and Bathroom fitting

Painting and Decorating services

Plumbing services

Electrical services

Whatever the size of your property, and whatever it is that you’re looking to do to refresh your home, we have the expertise to help. You can browse the projects we’ve completed across London by heading to our projects page.


If you’d like to speak to a construction expert about your Belgravia project, give us a call today and we’d be happy to discuss your project. Give us a call today on 020 7686 3501.

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