DNL Klos are one of London’s best rated building companies of residential properties. We have worked hard to earn our reputation of being one of the top builders in Wimbledon, helping property owners and architects to bring projects to life. Because we are builders, we are able to understand every aspect of your project, and our expertise can give us greater control over the entire construction process.

Our clients continuously give us praise on our hard work and comment on the professionalism with which we complete all of our projects. Our service offers a high quality experience and we value the trust people put in our company. DNL Klos strive to deliver projects that mean that our clients don’t have to stress about anything. Due to our experience and wide spread knowledge of the industry.

We offer a complete 360-degree service from start to finish because we believe in doing things thoroughly. As such, we feel that viewing the property and talking to all customers in person allows for the best results and helps to develop a mutual understanding of all expectations. We consistently offer premium advice and consultations prior to starting any upcoming projects.

If you value quality of work, experienced skilled workers and are looking for a reliable London-based property development company, DNL Klos will be the perfect company for you.

We are happy to talk to anybody looking for a well established company who pride themselves on their handwork, and ability to offer a stress free experience. Please do not hesitate in contacting us with both small and larger projects.

We’d love to work with you on your next project. Call us for a free quote on 07877 707 257 or alternatively 020 7686 3501 .

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